We have just published our very first sustainability report covering all the BIRN Group's companies. The report is thus another step towards a more sustainable business model for the entire Group.

According to the report, we at BIRN Group have made good progress with the strategic focus on sustainability launched earlier this year. Despite increased production of cast iron, several of our companies managed to reduce energy consumption last year, including natural gas and electricity consumption, and some companies also began the transition to renewable energy.

- We are once again building on our leading position by making sustainability a strategic area. This testifies to the great ambitions we have in the BIRN Group, and it will also help us meet the increasing demands we face as a supplier from our customers within sustainability and social responsibility, says our Group CEO, Claus Beier.

Customers' needs in focus
Our starting point is our customers' needs. And as new EU legislation will enter into force from 2024 placing greater demands on corporate sustainability reporting, we want to help our customers comply with the new legislation.

- With the new EU requirements, sustainability becomes a competitive parameter, and this is an area where we see an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the market, for example by offering product specific EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) to our customers, which we expect to be able to offer already during this year. Our companies are also among the preferred development partners, so our focus on sustainability will also strengthen us significantly in terms of counseling, says Claus Beier.

Circular thinking
BIRN Group is already far ahead in the field of circular economy, and, among other things, a good part of the Group's cast iron today consists of recycled materials.

- The circular mindset is deeply rooted in everything we do. For example, 93 percent of the material used to produce cast iron at our foundry in Holstebro consists of recycled material. So, it's safe to say that recycling and resource optimization are part of our DNA, concludes Claus Beier.

The BIRN Group also takes responsibility in the social area. This was recently underlined in our employee satisfaction survey.

In the sustainability report, you will find several good examples of how our companies take responsibility for their employees and contribute to the social development of the local areas in which they are a part.

Read our sustainability report
Want to read more about our work with sustainability, circular economy, and social responsibility? You can read more about sustainability here.

Download the Sustainability Report


For further information, please contact:

  • Group CEO Claus Beier, BIRN, mobile +45 2923 1227 and e-mail: cbe@birn.dk
  • Press service: Anders Bo Andersen, mobil 2869 8307 and e-mail: anders@publicity.dk


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